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Dekoma Energy consultant works for an 

environmentally friendly and energy efficient use of


Pellet systems

If it is time to replace your oil burner or the combined oil and electric boiler, the pellet burner is a good option.
With a burner, you can save 40-50% of the energy consumption.
For sizes from 100 kW upwards are converting an existing boiler is usually not recommended, partly because of the ash handling will be costly to resolve, and with regard to the system's functionality and efficiency will be poor.
A professional system solution gives our customers the best total economy.


The system and the automatic are similar to oil heating and fits most existing boilers (this applies houses). For larger heating plants, a comprehensive totalsolution with custom boilers and peripherals should be chosen.
Low power consumption
The burner consumes power only for the combustion air blower and metering engine. Easy and flexible filling and storage. Pellets are manufactured by leading Swedish energy suppliers. It is delivered in bulk and fills in the tank like oil.
It can alternatively be supplied in small or large bags according to customer wishes and requirements.


In relation to heating with oil or electricity, pellets significant savings. An investment in the pellet is usually earned after 3-5 years. Compared with heat pump, the investment is small and the operation is almost entirely electricity-independent.
Environmentally friendly
Each m3 of oil that is replaced with wood pellets represents a reduction of the country's total carbon emissions. When burning pellets there are not more CO2 trqansmitting than what was bound when the trees was grown. The only contribution pellets give of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere are emissions from the production / transportation (corresponding to 5-15% of the recovered heat energy).

b max pelletburner 

The complete and versatile range of Bmax burners which covers the needs of every user: from the installation in civilian environments to small, medium and large industrial Environments.
Exclusive characteristics:
  • Fully automatic 
  • Reliable turning on and off, thanks to safety sensors
  • Self-cleaning system 
  • Made with high quality materials, including high temperature resistant steel
  • Electronic self regulation based on the fuel used
B-max Technology burners have an innovative self-cleaning system which works on regular intervals: with this system the fuel grid is periodically freed from possible residue that could impede correct combustion or that could provoke the suffocation of the flame. In this way, the possibility of the burner turning off and the consequent dispersion of fumes are avoided.
Loading system
B-max Technology burners are equipped with automatic loading system. Here you can download B-Max technical data.
Technical data B Max

B-Max Home 

25 kW

An affordable option for homes and small houses up to 200 2m. 

B-Max Essential 

34-50 kW

For larger houses up to 300 2m.

B-Max B-half 

34-50 kW

Low effect burner, designed for civilian buildings. It is equipped with a screw pump for loading. Automatic self cleaning.

B-Max B-one 

100 kW

Middle power burner, suitable both for bigger civilian and small industrial buildings. It it equipped with a screw pump for loading. Automatic self cleaning.

B-Max B-two 

200 kW

Versatile high-power thanks to its possible uses: middle-size industrial buildings, boilers, hot air generators. It is equipped with a screw pump for loading. Automatic self cleaning.

B-Max B-tree 

300 kW

The most powerful high-performance burner with a possible modulation between 150 and 300 kWh. It is equipped with a console desk with independent controls and with a screw pump for loading. Automatic self cleaning.

B-Max boiler with burner 25 kW