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Dekoma Energy consultant works for an 

environmentally friendly and energy efficient use of


Wood boilers 

Our boilers are among Europe's most modern wood boilers and pellet boilers. The integrated automatic system helps you to take advantage of the fuel energy maximum!

Maga is an ecological heat boiler which uses the gasification of wood. The boiler is designed to heat small and large houses. The boiler is designed to be fired with wood. Any type of wood can be used. We recommend you not to use wood that has higher humidity than 25% and thickness of 10-15 cm.
The proportion of ash is only 1-2% of the wood (cleaning about once / week) The boiler is ecological and provides very low emission when it is used correctly.

Gasification boilers are well tested and easy to use. The boilers body is made of 6 mm special steel interior and 4 mm special steel exterior. All molded parts are made of a special heat-resistant material that has a long life. This includes the nozzle that is made of a special heat-resistant material. Under the nozzle there is a gasification chamber with a ash pan. The exhaust gases then go past the tubes to the chimney. On the front there is a fan with air regulator. The boiler body is insulated with 20 mm mineral wool around the entire pan. The boiler is controlled by a modulating electronic fan.
Gasification boilers are much more efficient than conventional boilers and provides a temperature up to 1100 ° C in the gasification chamber, you can save about 30% fuel. The boiler can do after filling 8-10 hours at a nominal use and up to 20 hours at a minimal use.       

Prices Maga Wood gazification boilers 18-80 kW from 22.280 SEK to 50.800 SEK

Download technical parameters.

Complete heating plant
When dimensioning a heater for your house you should expect an accumulator at 50l per KW. We create the package that corresponds to your needs.


Steel boiler STR PLUS for solid fuels,  easy to use and cheep to buy! 

Steel boiler STR PLUS is designed for burning solid fuels (wood, pellet). The boiler is a structure designed as a primary heat source but can also be used as a supplementary heat source. The boiler comes with preparation for mounting the control unit and after  replacing the front door the boiler can be used as an automatic boiler for pellets. The boiler Is available in three sizes 23. 32, and 43 kW.

Prices STR Plus 23 kW 9.695 SEK, 32 kW 10.375 SEK, 43 kW 11.125 SEK.

Download technical parameters.